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Admiral Benbow is remembered in pubs scattered throughout the English speaking world, and in literature in the opening scene of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. The Admiral Benbow Inn, Penzance, is one of the most interesting.

The Admiral Benbow
Artist: Geoff Campion

Admiral Benbow Inn, Penzance

Admiral Benbow Pub, Ruxton XI Town, Shropshire

Admiral Benbow Pub, Milton

Admiral Benbow Pub, Penzance

Admiral Benbow Pub, Shrewsbury

Admiral Benbow Pub, Shrewsbury

Admiral Benbow Inn

Admiral Benbow, Gloucester

Sam Coleman has found an Admiral Benbow pub in CHAPEL St LEONARDS on the lincolnshire coast- and indicates that the wealth of history and detail dedicated to the admiral is amazing! The interior of the pub is decorated like one of his ships- with vintage accessories such as shells and boat equipment- the whole pub is even built out of driftwood! A link to the pub's website:

Chapel St. Leonards, Lincolnshire

Admiral Benbow, Westgate Street

The Admiral Benbow was situated at 77 Westgate Street according to a 1856 reference. The whole building and an adjoining shop were positioned in front of the line of the rest of the street buildings. One of my favourite early photographs shows a Gloucester city electric tram trundling past the Admiral Benbow Inn only a few feet from the front door. On the side of the pub is a large painted wall sign which reads: 'Admiral Benbow Inn. Stroud Brewery Co's Celebrated Ales & Stout. Wines & Spirits." The Stroud Brewery relinquished the licence of the Admiral Benbow in February 1907 on the understanding that they could purchase a piece of land at the junction of Linden Road and Stanley Road. The Admiral Benbow was demolished c.1908.

Llandoger Trow Pub
Farthing Lane print

The famous Llandoger Trow pub. The name was taken from the flat-bottomed boats which traded between Bristol and the Welsh coast, and may well refer specifically to the ship of the first publican, a Captain Hawkins, who converted the premises into a public house on his retirement. The pub is reputed to have been the haunt of pirates and the model for the Admiral Benbow in Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island.

Many Admiral Benbow Pubs have disappeared over the years.  One such was the Admiral Benbow, Quayside in Tewkesbury.

The Admiral Benbow ,was also known at various times as the Severn Trow, the Star Inn of 1836 and the Mermaid of 1670. The last name of the quayside pub was the Admiral Benbow. A stone carving of the sailor could be seen on the building for many years after closure. The building was demolished in 1935 and the site of the Admiral Benbow is the road to the west of the Mill.

I would love to see a picture of the stone carving of Admiral Benbow.


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